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Direct Mail - Email - Telephone - Online

Managed lists are target very specific markets and have direct mail, email and

phones (with or without Do Not Call numbers) available.

Hidden Distressed Property Owners (HDPOs): Prime Real Estate Leads Mailing List

These homeowners are prime targets for real estate investors looking to buy or refinance distressed properties that not targeted by any other source. These homeowners are motivated to sell because they have leveraged the equity of their home (often by taking out a second mortgage) and can no longer afford to live in the property. They are hidden and hard to track because of life change events, however, our unique process allows us to identify them at their current address. We can also select by loan to value (LTV) to include or omit underwater mortgages. In many cases the homes are prime “flipping” properties in need of simple updates before maximizing the return on investment. Why wait? Target these high value, highly responsive, untapped, cutting edge leads today! Learn More

Pre-Foreclosure Masterfile:

Do you need to find the most up to date pre-foreclosure and foreclosure leads? Identify the most motivated homeowners, choosing from a range of selects including Lender Name, Loan Amount, Property Size, and Estimated Market Value. This list is ideal for Real Estate Investors, Agents, Debt Collectors, Refinance offers, and more.

Home Insurance Renewal Month Masterfile Mailing List:

This file is a must have to target individuals who have their Home Insurance set to expire selectable by month of expiration. You can also choose to filter by age, income, presence of pool, year home built, number of cars and even summarized credit score, ensuring responders qualified. For optimal performance we typically recommend mailing three to two months prior to the expiration of the households existing polity. This data is accurate and includes self-reported information verified by the date of their most recent loan and/or the purchase date of their home. Learn More

Life Event Triggers for Insurance:

IMDataBases' Trigger Program precisely targets consumers with the specific life events that drive insurance changes/upsells.  Our data is comprehensive and updated daily or monthly depending on the type and source of the data.   Triggers Include: Newlyweds, Expectant Parents, Recent Divorced, New Parents, New Move,Senior Needs, Single Parent, Turning 65, ATV Purchase, Recent Mortgage Borrower, Recently Graduated College, New Teen Driver, Home Insurance Expiration Date, Auto Insurance Expiration Date, Retiree, etc.

Nationwide Pre-Movers Database:

Every day, homeowners list their homes for sale in preparation to move. Home sale listings are collected from a variety of public domain and private sources at the address level.  About 65% of the records are appended with names and other demographic data associated with the address.  The buying and selling of a home begins a series of critical, valuable and educated buying decisions by the consumer.   The ability to identify households before they move is immensely valuable to marketers for selling products and services. Utilize this data to maximize ROI as you find households during the critical eager-to-buy phase before and during the move.

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