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Direct Mail - Email - Telephone - Online

Business files are all based at business address and have email and 100% phones.  We can target one per company, title or multiple contacts at a company.  In addition to standard list we can also help match online ads and leverage information on LinkedIn.

TSE Business File:

The TSE Business file has 14 million directory assistance verified businesses and 21 million records over all. 


IMDB Business Database:

Our business files combines the strength of major compilers with 700+ executive titles.  We take in just over 75 million records and de-dupe them down to 27 million unique businesses with over 50 million contact names.  We guarantee you will receive higher counts and more accurate data versus any other single-source database!

Business Hotlines

Business New Connects:

The Business New Connect File is created from our raw feed of New Phone Connects/Disconnects. Home businesses as well as standard business locations can be selected. There are approximately 135,000 New Business Connects/Disconnects added to this file weekly. 


Business Specialty Lists:


Government Agencies:

Virtually every government agency in the United States. 


Office Based. This file consists of 600,000+ Lawyers. This file includes sole practitioners and lawyers in law firms. Selections are available by individual specialty, firm size, and telephone numbers. 


The Doctors by Specialty office based physician database is compiled from multiple data sources and contains accurate and in-depth information in the areas most critical to healthcare marketers. The Doctors by Specialty database begins with over 5 million physician records encompassing nearly every known office based physician in the US, duplicate and out of date records are removed and the file is re-verified up to 6 more times for unparalleled accuracy. This updated file is a true asset for all medical mailers. With over 100 specialties to choose from we have the right doctor for you campaign. 



Dentists at Practice Address Database: An office based dentist database compiled from multiple data sources, making this file one of the most accurate and complete in the areas most critical to healthcare marketers. These dentists are mostly solo practitioners and do have a small staff. Others are part of Group Practices with multiple practitioners at one location.


Healthcare Professionals:

This file of mid level professionals within group medical practices has over 209,000 records. These nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other professionals are key employees within a practice. 


Licensed Nurses:

Home Based. This file consists of 3,600,000+ Nursing Professionals, offering you the unique opportunity to reach individuals by their practice specialty. This list includes Nurses in the fields of Pediatrics, Neurology and Oncology, among others. 


Physicians and Healthcare Specialties:

The Physicians & Healthcare Provider postal and email database is a multi-sourced database comprised of over 650 independent and separate data source feeds. Some of these unique data source feeds include, but are not limited to: NPI, DEA, UPIN, state license, state medical board, PPO network files, and social security death master index files. The Physicians & Healthcare Provider database is the only 100% B2B integrated, multi-channel database servicing the pharmacy, healthcare, medical device, and insurance industries. The database is segmented by: Specialty/ Group Practice/ Geography. 



Primarily Home Based. There are over 50,000 licensed Chiropractors in the United States. Chiropractic is the fastest growing and second largest primary health care profession in the U.S., with over 30 million consumers making chiropractic a regular part of their health care program. These medical professionals are excellent prospects for professional, business, and continuing education offers, as well as for luxury items, professional recruitment, vacations, financial offers and much more. 

Occupation File: (At Home Address)

Home Based. This file of over 32,000,000 records includes licenses professional business owners, white and blue collar workers, civil service employees, and health service workers. All at their home addresses. 

Real Estate Brokers/Agents:

Professional Real Estate Agents and Brokers Who are licensed for commercial and residential sales - mostly college educated professionals either operating their own small offices or working for large real estate franchises such as Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, Re/Max and ERA. These highly responsive professionals are state licensed business professionals who buy, sell and lease property for their clients. These individuals work with Commercial property as well as Residential and are responsive to Postal, Email and Direct Response offers of all types. Most use the internet daily for customer communications, purchasing, managing properties and all transactional communications. Most States require continuing education courses for license renewals.


Trucking Fleet Database:

Includes listings of registered owners of Trucking Fleets across the United States. Companies with a trucking fleet from none to over 5,000 trucks. It includes type of cargo, hazardous haulers and CDL drivers. These fleet operators are excellent prospects for insurance companies, mechanics or car maintenance companies, truck driving schools, and hazardous material organizations.


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