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Home Insurance Renewal Month


This file is a must have to target individuals who have their Home Insurance set to expire. If you need to target consumers who are getting ready to renew their Annual Homeowner's Insurance policy, then the Homeowner's Insurance Renewal Month Masterfile is the perfect database to add to your sales arsenal.

  • Age

  • Income

  • Gender

  • Presence of Pool

  • Year Home Built

  • Number of Cars

  • Estimated Credit Score

File Statistics
  • Consumer Market

  • Mail, Email, and Phone Channel

  • Multi-Sourced

  • Standard Provider

  • 52% Female

  • 48% Male

  • 48,117,444 Total Universe

Our Goal

We strive to enable you to reach home insurance renewal consumers at just the right time. We recommend mailing 2-3 months in advance of the renewal month in combination with a follow-up mailing the month of. Our experience has proven this strategy will maximize your response rate.

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