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Direct Mail - Email - Telephone - Online

Consumer files are all based at home address and have email and phones (with or

without Do Not Call numbers) available.  In addition to standard list we can also help

match online ads using Facebook.


A multi-sourced consumer information database. It contains information on nearly 110 million households and 220 million individuals. ConsumerVision is the most comprehensive database on the market. There are over 500 demographic and lifestyle characteristics on the file. Available selects include estimated income, home value, estimated age, marital status, special interests, mail order buying characteristics and many more! Learn More

Mortgage Base:

A compiled mortgage information file. Our Mortgage File is a combination of public deed transactions gathered from County Recorder offices. This database can be utilized for new homeowner offers, prospecting for PMI insurance users, refinancing prospects and mortgage lead generation. With over 40 unique selects (interest rates, sale price, mortgage type and more), our Mortgage Base file is a combination of public deed transactions gathered from County Recorder offices.

Consumer Hotlines

American New Movers Plus:

The American New Mover Plus database is compiled using more UNIQUE sources than any other new mover file on the market. Three Primary Sources: Source 1 Nationwide New Connect / Utility Data Source 2 Nationwide New Connect / Utility Data Source 3 Magazine Subscriber Move Data. - Daily Updates - If your customer is looking for more qualified prospects, improved response to marketing initiatives, and increased ROI -- you need to be reaching new connect new movers to ensure you are there first. We can assist any business looking to reach residential new connects first. First means ahead of your competition: first to earn new customers and first to add more revenue to your bottom line.

Residential New Connects:

The Residential New Connect File is created from our raw feed of New Phone Connects/Disconnects consisting of more than 800,000 records weekly. There are 7 types of New Connects/Disconnects to choose from: New Connect, New Location, Changed Listing, Additional Line, Move Disconnect, Removed Line, and Non Published. Select the most recent update or go back 12 weeks.

Looking for a specific target market, check out our specialty or managed files

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