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Although there are many places to find homes to flip or loans to refinance, the best source are those that aren't already listed. These are distressed or motivated homeowners who haven't taken action yet but need help to get out of, or refinance their homes. Enter Brooks Integrated Marketing's proprietary list of hidden distressed property owners (HDPO's)!

What are HDPO's?

Are you a Real Estate Investor looking to purchase or refinance homes? If so, are you looking for unique leads that are not targeted by the masses?  Well look no further as BrooksIM has you covered. Introducing Hidden Distressed Property Owners or HDPO’s for short. 

We are able to take your existing leads and identify the individuals with secondary properties that have been lost in the county recording process. These people are often either renting the properties, or have them vacant, so they are ready to sell or refinance.  This not only helps you to find these unique targets, but it also reduces your mail and print cost as well!  

The process is simple, all you need to do is provide us with the data you would like flagged, we process it within a couple hours and then you get the return file to mail.  Pricing is just $10 per thousand record run with a $150 Minimum Order.  To get started, either email us at … or upload your file below!

This data is brand new and is completely unique in the marketplace. All of this data has been vetted and shown to have unparalleled results by our early adopter clients. the plan is all set for you, take advantage of these unprecedented leads today!

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