Although there are many places to find homes to flip or loans to refinance, the best source are those that aren't already listed. These are distressed or motivated homeowners who haven't taken action yet but need help to get out of, or refinance their homes. Enter Brooks Integrated Marketing's proprietary list of hidden distressed property owners (HDPO's) and our turnkey marketing solution for you!

What are HDPO's?

These ​homeowners are prime targets for real estate investors looking to buy or refinance distressed properties that are not targeted by any other source. These homeowners are motivated to sell because they have leveraged the equity of their home (often by taking out a second mortgage) and can no longer afford to live in the property.


Our unique process allows us to identify them at their current address. Our file is also selectable by loan to value (LTV) to include or omit underwater mortgages. In many cases, the homes are prime "flipping" properties in need of simple updates before maximizing the return on your investment.

Our Goal

Although there is not a one size fit all approach when it comes to targeting distressed homeowners, we find that a combination of reoccurring messaging with a "this is how i can and have helped people before" perspective. Our goal is to build you the credibility you need to be successful. Being sympathetic to their predicament while saying "I refinanced 32 people into smaller payments last month alone" or "I brokered 6 home sales in the last 2 weeks" goes a  long way in building credibility


The Plan

Here are several marketing vehicles we use to reach individuals in need of help.


These are popular because they are cheap to print/mail and do not need to be opened. We recommend these as a primary method of contact followed up by a phone call. We offer 2 sizes and price includes both print & mail (design services are available upon request).


The phone is best used as a follow up communication to either a mailing or email campaign. Phones are available on approximately 15% of the postal records at a cost of $15 per thousand phone numbers.


Another method that is best used as a follow-up or pre-notification to the postal campaign is an email. Emails are available on 30% of the postal records and are available at a cost of $75 per thousand email addresses.

This data is brand new and is completely unique in the marketplace. All of this data has been vetted and shown to have unparalleled results by our early adopter clients. the plan is all set for you, take advantage of these unprecedented leads today!